Hitting the Ground While Dreaming

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Flying Without a Cape

Come a little closer

and I’ll show you

a broken superhero

tangled in a web of my making

caught in the light

of the kryptonite

all hubris

no hero


The pull is magnetic

the desire draws me in

your direction.

Before you on all fours

a willing traveler

ready to explore.

Then you lay flat

spread out

a map illustrating

all my desires.

I trace your topography

with my tongue

licking your lines

east to west

north to south.

Watching you in your

deliberate repose.

The look in your eyes

means my subjugation.

But I want nothing more

than to fall in to your valleys,

follow your rivers and

swim in your lakes,

touch all your highs and lows

with my fingertips.

And I will get


Yet I follow my heart’s compass

and go forward

a hell-bound traveler

bent on learning you.


I’m such a sack of stardust

Once I accepted the fact I was born to be a beast rather than a beauty, life became much easier.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still learning to let go of the vanity, the ego, the “look-at-me!”

But, once i realized how much of a sack of stardust I really I am, all of the outside seemed to matter less.

The matter that I’m just matter started to matter.

My flesh doesn’t write these words. It’s not my soul I waste so much time primping and fixing and finding fault with.

My body and my mind are one in the same yet on different planes.

I’m such a fucking dork.


Eliminating Lines to Cross

Following line after line with barely a breath between, through burning nostrils, passed the pain of a raw throat, under the pressure of two eyes resembling open blisters, she pushed on. She pressed on, confident there must be pleasure after all this pain. There must be something on the other side of these lines.

Afternoon ramblings in a coffee shop…

We’re all meant for something bigger. Some of us just need to get small in order to get there.

I’ve been broken down, torn apart, masticated, digested, and shat out by the ugliest of beasts.

Most of us have.

I’m not afraid to show my scars if it’s means you won’t cut yourself anymore.

I’ll show that I can bleed to death if it can be your tourniquet.

I can admit that I hate being ugly, yet it’s my natural state.

Tell me what you want and I’ll do my best to oblige.

I cannot lie, honesty is the only thing I know.

How it feels to be called brilliant…

after the rain of words

has fallen

soaking you in

a sheath of self-doubt


stupid, weird, unwanted

among the best


not sexy, or good or obedient


but brilliant


it’s like sunshine

the best kind of warm



Brought Back from the Brink

Just when I thought

my heart

could take no more

pushed to the edge of the shelf

ready to go over and shatter

My pride a

beaten dog

fed insults

tied to a tree

cowering and biting at once

You showed up,

gave me back a book

I lost years ago,

and told me it had been

with me all along.

Cracked Seed

I used to wonder

why I wasn’t a flower

so pretty, sane, and perfect.

Until I came to realize

I had to be a seed

shoved deep

in to dirt

in order to grow

in to something bigger.


One of the best compliments an addict can give someone is, “You make me forget about drugs.”

For the moment, you helped me remember who I am and forget about drugs.

And that’s not an easy thing to do.

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Hitting the Ground While Dreaming

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